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Another Word for Clash or Disagreement

When writing any piece of content, it`s important to use a variety of words to keep it interesting and engaging. One word that is frequently used in writing is “clash” or “disagreement.” However, to avoid repetition, it`s helpful to have alternative words in mind to substitute for these frequently used terms.

Here are some options for “another word for clash or disagreement”:

1. Conflict – This word is especially useful when writing about disputes between individuals or groups.

Example: The conflict between the two political parties resulted in a heated debate.

2. Dispute – Similar to conflict, but often used to describe a disagreement between individuals or entities.

Example: The two countries were involved in a long-standing dispute over territory.

3. Discord – This word is often used to describe a lack of harmony or agreement.

Example: The discord between the band members ultimately led to their breakup.

4. Dissension – This term implies a strong disagreement or difference in opinion.

Example: The dissension within the company`s leadership caused widespread concern among employees.

5. Friction – This word is useful when describing a disagreement or conflict that causes tension between people or groups.

Example: The friction between the new and old employees was palpable during meetings.

6. Contention – This term implies a disagreement or argument over a specific issue.

Example: The contention over the new company policy sparked a heated debate among employees.

7. Strife – This word is often used to describe a prolonged and destructive disagreement or conflict.

Example: The ongoing strife between the two families resulted in violence and bloodshed.

By utilizing these alternative words, you can keep your writing fresh and engaging. Additionally, using a variety of terms will help with search engine optimization (SEO) since it shows search engines that your content is diverse and relevant to a variety of topics. As a copy editor, it`s important to keep these options in mind to ensure that the writing you are editing is both polished and diverse in terms of language use.